Question by I love you too!: What makes it possible, that one can feel (sense) the thoughts of a person living 100 km away from you?
Who could explain this phenomena to me so that it makes sense. How is it “possible” to sense the thoughts, emotions or how this person feels, even if this person is far away?
I heard about morphogenic (?) fields from Rupert Sheldrake, could this be why one can senses this so clearly at some occassions? Can somebody give a clear explanation if possible?

Thank you indeed.

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Answer by Lucid Interrogator
It isn’t.

But guaranteed… if you know the person well enough and are familiar with their typical behavioural patterns…. then predicting their response to any given circumstance after a while can become second nature….. even to the point where you can predict what they’re going to say, feel or do even before they do it to within a moderately high degree of accuracy.
Of course… the fact that most humans behave in very similar ways to their peers helps that predictability immensely.

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